Tips to increase your confidence in bed

The standards of beauty that have been imposed on society for decades have influenced the insecurity that many people feel when having sex.

Many come to think that the defects of their body are an impediment to please in bed their partners and have a full intimate life.

The lack of sexual confidence produces a series of doubts and complexes that, unfortunately, interfere with the ability to enjoy intimacy 100%.

And, although many overlook it, security in the sexual field allows you to better experience each encounter, breaking the awkward routine.

Do not you have enough confidence when having sex? If you are feeling uncomfortable with your body, or think you are not doing well, take note of the following tips to overcome it.

Accept your flaws

If you have insecurity for any part of your body this will be projected on the bed. It is important that you learn to accept your defects so that there is no complex at the time of having sex.

Look in the mirror every day and repeat: “I like what I see” . You do not have to meet a stereotype of beauty; Your body is unique and, even if it generates doubts, he will be happy to enjoy the pleasure it provides.


Highlight your attributes

Sometimes you focus on getting your flaws afloat without considering that you also have attributes. Why not get more out of them? If there are parts of your body that make you feel more secure, it is time to highlight them during sex.

Men do not usually worry about those traits that make you feel bad. In fact, they are more likely to notice how beautiful your body is if you project safety and emphasize your best attributes.

Do physical exercise

If you do regular physical exercise you can give a big blow to those complexes that afflict you. This habit promotes your physical and mental well-being, making you feel better about yourself.

Its effects are improving those aspects of your figure that do not make you feel completely right. In addition, by meeting challenges during your routine, you will feel more confident and satisfied.


Pamper yourself

When you worry about yourself you can project a woman more sure of herself when having sex. If you prepare physically before being with your partner you can raise your confidence when you are in bed.

Take a relaxing bath, buy lingerie that makes you look sexy and wear makeup. Although these details seem minimal, they will help you feel and look more beautiful.

Enjoy your nudity

Are you one of those who ask you to turn off the light by having sex ? Are you ashamed that they see you naked? It’s time to get over it! If you start enjoying your nudity without complexes you will have a fuller sexuality.

Try to have more moments of nudity with your partner so that confidence increases. Taking a shower together, enjoying a massage or having dinner naked can be very useful.


Knock down your fears

To have enough confidence in bed you must be sure of what you have and what you do. If your sexual partner is not giving you anything to make this so, consider changing it.

Sometimes the fears in the sexual aspect are the attacks of that person. If you highlight your physical defects or make you feel uncomfortable by your performance in bed, your love will go to the ground Nugenix.


Take the initiative

There is nothing more seductive than a safe woman taking the initiative for sex. Your partner is going to love that, suddenly; you start to incite him to have a moment of pleasure.

Play with your body, undress yourself little by little and behave as if you were a “sex symbol”. Motivating your partner is an excellent way to improve your self-esteem and safety in the sexual aspect.



How is it possible that there are women who think about their defects instead of concentrating on sexual pleasure? If you identify yourself, start focusing on everything produced by the sensations of sex . Kisses caresses and knocks down those obstacles to reach the climax.

Dare to tell your partner the things you like. Try different positions, leave the room and explore other fields of sexuality that once scared you.

Now that you know how to start increasing your confidence in bed, put aside your frustrations and start enjoying pleasures like you have never done before.

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