Sell your apartment: what you should pay attention to

Selling your own apartment: It is certainly not a decision that was easy. Especially if you have used the apartment as a home for years. Therefore, it goes without saying that you want to sell your apartment as well as possible, at the best price. But how? It starts with the value assessment. This must be correct in order to achieve a realistic selling price. It is the foundation stone, so that you can sell your apartment quickly and profitably. We will give you tips on how to best master the sale of your apartment Houston house buyers.

  1. Sell ​​apartment – the price estimate is at the beginning
  2. All documents for the sale of apartments
  3. Tips to sell a rented apartment

Sell ​​apartment – the price estimate is at the beginning

When you sell an apartment, some factors affect the market value more than home sales . So it has a clearly positive effect on demand and value if your apartment has the following characteristics:

  • Balcony or terrace
  • Garden
  • Basement, cellar
  • Elevator

However, one of the most important factors in determining the market value is the situation, as in the case of the house. Where housing is scarce and demand is high, you will be able to sell your apartment faster and at a better price. This is especially the case in major cities, their regions and growing cities. A good location for buyers makes the following characteristics:

  • Road access
  • Shopping
  • Medical supplies
  • Public and cultural institutions
  • Greenery
  • Clean and good condition of the environment

Since every property is unique and the individual factors can affect the value in interaction very differently, we recommend the valuation of real estate professionals. So, after our  free online evaluation , you will  also receive a no- obligation  broker comparison, which will select the best estate agents in your region.

All documents for the sale of apartments

But not only in the valuation are special features of apartments to be considered. Also when compiling the sales documents, there are differences to the house sale. You should additionally have these documents ready when you sell your apartment:

  • Declaration of division: Here is how the division between community property (eg staircase, central heating) and special property (the apartment) takes place.
  • Minutes of the Owners’ Meetings
  • Billing of additional costs

Tips to sell a rented apartment

Basically, the demand for unlet flats is higher, as not only investors, but also prospective buyers with their own needs come into question for the acquisition. Higher demand in turn represents a better starting point for price negotiations.

If you want to sell your rented apartment, you cannot simply cancel your tenant. Because “purchase does not break rent”, as it is called in the case law. So you are looking for a buyer who joins the existing lease. Since real estate is currently being traded as the most profitable investment for money, there is a lucrative investment market. The sale of a rented apartment can also be done as converted condominium. Here is usually the right of first refusal that the tenant has to buy the apartment itself. You can find out more about this, as well as tenant protection against dismissal and further tips on the page ” How to sell your rented apartment “.

If you sell your apartment fall taxes. Find out how you can save what taxes here: house sales – taxes and tips.

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