Green smoothies

The Green Smoothie contains by its ingredients everything that the body needs for a good balance. It is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants. Even the fruits supply the body with vitamins and minerals, plus countless fiber Shakeology.

Furthermore, chlorophyll also finds its place in the smoothies – all of these ingredients act against toxins in the body. It also cleanses the intestines and reduces inflammation. Furthermore, the smoothies help in weight loss and diet change and have a preventative effect against diseases. So it goes with the green smoothiesless about the taste, but about the high nutritional value, which in turn can contribute to a healthy diet and makes people eat more leafy green. Thus, to balance their acid – base balance and to promote the energy production of the body.

But to get a green smoothie, it requires a certain preparation.

The preparation should be done with a high-performance mixer, as this break the tough fibers of the leafy vegetables and thus release the vital nutrients.

You should make sure that basically only three ingredients in the blender come – Green leaves, fruits and water. This rule provides the basis for the green smoothies. Whether you then refine the smoothie with powder or sweetener is up to you, even the amount of ingredients is left to each self, you should just do not come across 5 – 10 ingredients.

In addition, attention should be paid to the stratification of the ingredients; it always follows the same principle: Fruit – green leafy vegetables – liquid

to the green smoothieNow to incorporate into the nutrition plan, there are various options. On the one hand, there are people who regard the smoothies primarily as a nutritional supplement, in order to absorb more nutrients. Others replace meals to absorb nutrients while reducing calorie intake and then lose weight as a result. There are different options and in the end everyone has to decide for themselves if and how he likes the Green Smoothieswould like to enjoy, because there are enough possibilities. However, you should still pay attention to a few little things, on the one hand, that you only need to replace up to two portions of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. It should be paid attention to a portion size of 200 – 250 milliliters, in addition it comes that the smoothie may consist at most of half of pressed juice or water and at least half of fruit or vegetables.

Green smoothies | what exactly do the individual components cause?

Thefruitin the smoothies, is responsible for the consistency and sweetness, it ensures a bond between the individual ingredients and softens the taste of leafy vegetables.

The main component and the reason for the green color – thegreen leafy vegetables- is the central element, because here the nutrient density is particularly high and the characteristics of the chlorophyll are particularly used here. Another important ingredient is the addition ofwater, as this is the only way to achieve a good consistency and a good mix.

Green smoothies | what do I have to pay attention to when making and drinking?

It should be on the one hand on the ingredients as well as on the proper production to be respected, since these are crucial for a good smoothie.

Ingredients, such as certain essential oils from parsley, a feeding protection alkaloid from borage or oxalic acid from spinach and chard, can be harmful in larger quantities. For example, oxalic acid can inhibit the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium in the intestine. In addition, care should be taken not to replace too many meals with smoothies; these can lead to an accelerated digestion.

Here, the correct handling of the ingredients is important; it can easily be committed mistakes. It is important to pay attention to the combinations, combine on the one hand starchy vegetables with, for example, citrus fruits, the Verdaaungszeit is increased and increases the chance of flatulence and digestive problems. In addition, care should be taken not to use too many ingredients, so if several varieties of salad and fruit mixed with powder, oils, herbs and spices and thus between 5 and 10 ingredients n used, the smoothie turns into a heavy meal and will stodgy.

Sweetening also plays an important role, with cane sugar, table sugar and agave syrup being discouraged; instead honey, stevia, dates or more fruits should be used. Last but not least, attention should be paid to the drinking behavior, the smoothie is a wholesome meal and should therefore be swallowed by sip, so that the digestive organs can adjust to the food properly and are not “overwhelmed”.

Green smoothies | How can I combine the barley grass with this?

Of course, barley grass also fits in a green smoothie – and not just by its color – it also provides energy to maintain the nutrient content of the body and to increase the balance of the body. However, you should not only resort to barley grass, only to achieve the green color, but always add the leafy vegetables. Nevertheless, the barley grass is a good supplement to absorb more nutrients and supplement the diet.

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