Fast house sales – how it works!

You want to sell your house in a timely manner? Avoid mistakes that unnecessarily prolong the sales process and cost a lot of money. If you want to sell yourself, you should follow some rules or hire real estate professionals Houston house buyers.

Good to know

  • A real estate sale usually takes six to nine months.
  • Pay attention to the right offer price.
  • A good broker shortens the sales time considerably.

Important criteria for a faster sales transaction

Real estate is in demand as it has not been for a long time – a good prerequisite for a successful sale. If home sales need to go fast, there are a few criteria that should be considered:

  1. Realistic assessment of the sale period

On average, a real estate sale in Germany takes up to the land registers entry two to four months. Houses in preferred cities generally have a much shorter sales period than rural houses. Decisive is the condition of the property. New and ready-to-move houses are much in demand in the marketplace as objects that still need to be renovated or modernized. Also, the energy efficiency of a building, I can affect the interest of potential buyers. In unattractive locations or less appealing properties, the sale can drag on for over twelve months. In metropolitan areas, objects can be sold after a few weeks. Of course, a quick sale depends on the intensity of the advertising.

  1. Factors that favor a faster sale

The Region: Certain locations in Germany are particularly in demand due to their development in the labor market and the associated economic and purchasing power. Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart have been among Germany’s top locations for years. Here there is a steady influx, which ensures a continuously high demand for housing.

The location:It has a significant influence on the attractiveness of your property in the market. Of course, the personal assessment for a good location varies according to the target group and priorities. However, there are certain location criteria that apply to every property valuation. These include a convenient transport connection and an adequate infrastructure – schools, kindergartens, shopping facilities and medical care should be in the immediate vicinity. Negative location factors include, for example, heavily used roads and commercial settlements in the immediate residential environment. If a property is in a good location, the property is usually sold quickly at a good price.

The “right” offer price: The decisive factor for the quick sale of your property is a reasonable offer price. If you set the price of your property too high, you scare off potential buyers directly. Conversely, give away cash if you underestimate the achievable price – interested parties are usually well informed about the prices. A reasonable bid price is 105 to 110 percent and usually always has a positive effect on the selling price and the time factor.

Our tip: Always leave room for negotiation with the selling price. If you are willing to make concessions during price negotiations, you can speed up the sale of your home – but you should not rush to sell below value.

  1. Measures for a short sale time

Reduce sales time through broker commissioning

If you need to sell your property in a timely manner, you cannot afford to miss out on valuable sales opportunities. For a quick sales success the investment of time in the optimal preparation of the house sale is indispensable. The effort and costs should not be underestimated. If you do not want to take any risks, you should hire a realtor to market the property. To hire a specialist here has the following advantages:

  • Good selling price!

A good broker achieves a high selling price.

  • More safety!

A good broker checks the creditworthiness of potential buyers at an early stage.

  • Save time!

A good broker sells your property faster.


  1. Optimize sales process

Whether you have a broker for sale or your own home: If there are only a few prospects in the real estate listings, you should be active after no later than four weeks to review the broker’s work or your own:

  • Is the property advertised sufficiently in newspapers and internet portals?
  • Will the object be presented in an appealing way with photos and in the description?
  • Will the property be best presented at sightseeing appointments?
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