Crafts to give to your boyfriend or girlfriend

Love comes without waiting for it, so when we have it, it is very important to take care of it and value it. In this post we select 24 manual gifts for lovers so that you can surprise that special little person in your life and show them how much you love it with some paper crafts and other materials. Get crafty and surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend pupnpaws.


  1. Little Stars Spiral

Surely you ask yourself: how to make a craft for my boyfriend. This idea is one of the most famous and beautiful. They look difficult, but once you practice they fly out and they look beautiful as decoration in any gift box, it’s the perfect craft.


  1. Pocket Stand-up Album

A scrapbook album in the shape of an accordion and with “pockets” where you can add more photos and messages. This is one of the best paper crafts, it looks elaborate but it’s worth it, that’s why it’s in 2nd place in this list of crafts for February 14th.


  1. Heart pendant with beads for mobile

Stop tormenting yourself by looking for anniversary gift ideas, use plastic beads to make a cute ornament. Guys, your girlfriend will love it!


  1. Surprise Slide Card

Slide the tab and let your beloved or dear discover the surprise message. You just need some cardboard or paper to make this craft. You can also decorate it with the best photos of the two of you.


  1. Heart of Origami in 2 colors

The detail does not have to be huge, give a surprise to your girl or boy leaving on your desk paper crafts like these, origami hearts made with 2 colors or different designs.


  1. Homemade and delicious lip gloss

Using other materials you can give the flavor you want to those little kisses, make your own lip balm of the flavor and color you want, now how to make crafts for your boyfriend will stop being a problem.


  1. Album Scrapbook Multi-pic

This is another of the most famous paper crafts as it is an album with several internal layers where you can put pictures of you and your partner with love phrases . Decorating it with the scrapbook technique will be divine.


  1. Brownies

We return to the desserts, accompany your crafts for February 14 with a sweet and chocolaty detail.

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