5 tips to succeed on Instagram with your restaurant

If you have a restaurant, Instagram is your ideal Social Network. Why? It has always been said that food comes through the eyes and Instagram is a network dedicated exclusively to visual content: images, videos … Maybe that’s why the foodie community prefers it to other social networks to share their gastronomic experiences.

Currently Instagram has 400 million active users. In Spain there are 8 million people who have an account in this network and it is expected that in 2017 the figure will increase considerably. Another aspect to take into account of Instagram is that the engagement is 10 times higher than the rest of social networks: 10 times more than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times better than Twitter.

Therefore, if you have a restaurant you must have an Instagram account and to succeed, you must follow the following tips.


  1. Effective biography

The biography on Instagram is the business card of your business, therefore, it is very important that it is taken care of and that it is clear so that the user understands what it is that you offer.

The name must be real, without abbreviations that may confuse your brand with others. You have to be easily identifiable by customers.

In the description, the ideal thing is to add representative words that help you to a better positioning, for example, putting your specialty, why you stand out in the sector. There are only 160 characters so take advantage of them! You must add a call to the action, with expressions such as “look at our letter” or “visit our website” that link to your restaurant.

Do not forget to put the link to the website. If it’s too long, there are tools to shorten it like Bitly, Ow.ly or Google URL Shortener.


  1. Strengthen the values ​​of your restaurant

To develop a good marketing strategy and buy instagram comments for your restaurant it is important to understand the values ​​and essence that identify you and focus on them. If your restaurant stands out for something, for example, it is specialized in paella, in your Instagram account it should be reflected.

To reap success in social networks you must find your own style, customize the brand . And it is essential that the style is present in all your publications so that users identify the values ​​you want to transmit with your brand.


  1. Style guide

To consolidate the personality of your business we recommend you to make a style guide to take into account to apply in all your publications. They must also be recognizable to the people who manage your social networks. We give you some proposals:

  • Fix a filter to apply to all images
  • Choose whether to frame the photographs or not and always be the same. For example, Instasize (available on Google Play and the App Store) allows you to adapt the images to the Instagram format. Square InstaPic (in the iOS and Android version) is an app with which, in addition to putting frames, you can make collages.
  • Set the orientation of the snapshots (always horizontal or always vertical)
  • Choose a corporate color that is present in some way in the image. This is important because when a user accesses your profile, without seeing the images one by one, they will identify a specific color with your brand.


  1. Caring for the images

On Instagram, any photo is not valid. It is a visual platform and you have to get attention with a glance. Therefore, it is important that the images are taken care of, quality and, above all, attractive. It is better to publish less but the quality of the photos is very good. A good tool that will help you improve images is Snapseed (available on Google Play and the App Store), which offers many of the tools that more professional editors like Photoshop have, but in a quicker and easier way.


  1. The choice of hashtags

The hashtags are essential to reach a wider audience. The good thing about Instagram is that the hashtags are very effective and give a lot of play since they can be put up to a maximum of 30.

It is essential to put labels related to the content that you are going to publish, avoiding the hashtgas that although they have a lot of scope, are not related to your publication.

Our advice is to put the maximum possible by distributing them in:

  • 10 powerful hashtags: for example, #foodie #gastro #foodlover #foodporn #foodstagram #foodpics #foodgasm #instafood #pickoftheday #instamoment #instapic
  • 10 hashtags with medium range: #gastronomy #restaurante #restaurantesp #restaurantesmadrid
  • 10 more specific hashtags: the area where the restaurant is located, the name of the dish, the ingredients, the corporate name.

Why would this be a good strategy? With the widest reach hashtag you reach a larger audience. With very specific hashtags there is less competition, which allows you to be among the most popular post of a certain tag and be among the first publications of the browser.

Instagram can be your great ally in your marketing strategy and, in the case of local businesses, the more likes and followers, the more credibility you will have for future customers who are interested in your restaurant. And for this, it is highly recommended to have a team of experts, such as communication agencies, which can devote the necessary time to the management of a social network as demanding as Instagram, will impact on greater visibility.

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