5 exercises to eliminate the unruly fat

We present some very effective exercises to raise the intensity quickly, which will help you eliminate that capita of fat that refuses to disappear. They require a good state of form and good technical execution, since they also entail joint stress. If your goal is to get an ultimate stimulus to achieve that last point of muscle definition, these are your exercises. Remember to accompany them with a good nutrition plan so that together they can achieve that goal of eliminating that last capita of fat Top 10 Fat Burners.



The most demanding movement and perhaps with the highest metabolic rate since it involves practically all muscle groups. You have to be in very good shape to take advantage of this demanding exercise. Coordinates the extension of legs with the extension of arms in the same movement.



It is the most effective exercise without the need to use an additional load. With high body weight a high intensity is achieved. Try to maintain a constant execution speed. Doing it with extreme fatigue is not the best option.



The height of the bar will force to maintain a constant height of the jump. Try to make the jumps as quick as possible and use your arms to balance yourself.



A classic exercise. Try not to select an excessively high height to jump; it is preferable to include full final extension on the drawer. The objective is not the work of power, but to achieve a high caloric expenditure.



It is an exercise of power to perform many repetitions as we take advantage of the inertia to conserve energy and re-invest it in the movement. Make the hip stroke to raise the load and better not elevate the weight to vertical.



– Make a good warm up beforehand and now you must go to the maximum in each exercise.

– If you already have a good level of physical condition and strength, use rest ratios of 2: 1 or even 3: 1. This relationship represents a greater intensity by reducing the recovery time that together with a maximum intensity in each interval, supposes an incomplete recovery and an accumulated fatigue. For example 20 “high intensity and 10” recovery, 45 “load / 15” recovery, etc.

– It is preferable to use very simple exercises where there is no technical complexity since fatigue can decrease stability and postural control.

– It is useless to go to the maximum in the first round of the circuit if afterwards you are forced to drastically lower the intensity without meeting the criteria. Regulate the intensity.


There are studies that show that a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) pre-workout, delays fatigue, prevents protein degradation and stimulates a favorable anabolic response. There are specific supplements to drink called “anticatabolic” that in addition to branched amino acids contain glutamine, glucose polymers and salts and minerals to prevent dehydration.

Caffeine is also proven to stimulate the nervous system generating an activation situation that favors the burning of fat. For this reason, you usually have a coffee or green tea before workouts.

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