10 reasons to start drinking green smoothies today

  1. Green smoothies are particularly nutritious. For Vegetable smoothiestarters, I recommend mixing 60% ripe Athletic Greens, organically grown fruit with 40% organically grown leafy vegetables. Gradually, you can then increase the green content to 60% and reduce the fruit content to 40%.


  1. Green smoothies are easy to digest. With a good high-performance mixer, you can break up the cell walls in the vegetables and fruits and the body can thus absorb the valuable ingredients very easily. The digestion of the smoothies begins in the mouth, so you salivate the smoothie and drink it slowly.


  1. Green smoothies, unlike juices, contain all the fruit or vegetables. So they also contain the fibers and are a wholesome food. The consumption of fibers is important for digestion via the gastrointestinal tract.


  1. Green smoothies are just unbelievably delicious. Green smoothies are very tasty with the addition of fruit and are ideal for young and older people. The green leafy vegetables usually do not taste good and many people are surprised how easy it is to do so much for their health.


  1. Green smoothies are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives the plants their green color and are very similar to human blood molecules. Chlorophyll is said to have a very beneficial effect, comparable to a beneficial blood transfusion. Most people do not eat green food nearly enough, even if you only eat raw food. With three or four cups of green smoothie a day, you will provide your body with enough nutrients to stay healthy and fit. By mixing all building materials are well developed and optimally absorbed by the body.


  1. Green smoothies are so easy to make. You can prepare green smoothies in just a few minutes, including washing dishes. In comparison, juicing is time-consuming, expensive and more stressful. Unfortunately, many people often stop drinking juice very quickly for these reasons. Green smoothies are therefore the perfect alternative for everyday life.


  1. Green smoothies are popular with children of all ages, including babies from 6 months old. Take care of small children and increase the amount of the smoothie only gradually. The body of a child / baby needs time to get used to the high nutrient supply.


  1. Green smoothies do not need oil or salt. By regularly drinking green smoothies, you reduce their consumption of salts and oils that are not good for humans in excess.


  1. Regularly drinking green smoothies is the best and easiest way to get plenty of valuable green leaves. After a short while you will feel regular green smoothie drinking that your desire for more green food increases. More green food is the key to better health and the green smoothies make it easy for you. Especially children, who often eat too little green food, benefit from it.


  1. Green smoothies are refrigerated for up to 3 days. Drink the green smoothies as fresh as possible. But if you cannot help it, take the smoothies with you to work or on the road.
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