Crafts to give to your boyfriend or girlfriend

Love comes without waiting for it, so when we have it, it is very important to take care of it and value it. In this post we select 24 manual gifts for lovers so that you can surprise that special little person in your life and show them how much you love it with some paper crafts and other materials. Get crafty and surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend pupnpaws.


  1. Little Stars Spiral

Surely you ask yourself: how to make a craft for my boyfriend. This idea is one of the most famous and beautiful. They look difficult, but once you practice they fly out and they look beautiful as decoration in any gift box, it’s the perfect craft.


  1. Pocket Stand-up Album

A scrapbook album in the shape of an accordion and with “pockets” where you can add more photos and messages. This is one of the best paper crafts, it looks elaborate but it’s worth it, that’s why it’s in 2nd place in this list of crafts for February 14th.


  1. Heart pendant with beads for mobile

Stop tormenting yourself by looking for anniversary gift ideas, use plastic beads to make a cute ornament. Guys, your girlfriend will love it!


  1. Surprise Slide Card

Slide the tab and let your beloved or dear discover the surprise message. You just need some cardboard or paper to make this craft. You can also decorate it with the best photos of the two of you.


  1. Heart of Origami in 2 colors

The detail does not have to be huge, give a surprise to your girl or boy leaving on your desk paper crafts like these, origami hearts made with 2 colors or different designs.


  1. Homemade and delicious lip gloss

Using other materials you can give the flavor you want to those little kisses, make your own lip balm of the flavor and color you want, now how to make crafts for your boyfriend will stop being a problem.


  1. Album Scrapbook Multi-pic

This is another of the most famous paper crafts as it is an album with several internal layers where you can put pictures of you and your partner with love phrases . Decorating it with the scrapbook technique will be divine.


  1. Brownies

We return to the desserts, accompany your crafts for February 14 with a sweet and chocolaty detail.

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  1. Drink (warm) water

A study by the Berlin Charité showed: The enjoyment of 22 degrees warm water gets the metabolism going. “If you use two liters a day, you will need an additional 200 calories,” says study leader Dr. Michael Boschmann. Now it should be checked if other temperatures might even have stronger effects Performix SST.


  1. Have breakfast!

“There are indications that this stimulates the metabolism via the nervous system,” says Professor Susanne Klaus from the German Institute for Nutrition Research in Potsdam. But do not eat without thinking. You can save a whopping 220 calories by choosing a milk croissant instead of a croissant and drinking the milk coffee with half-fat milk instead of 100 ml. In addition, rely on protein, because that optimally saturates and nourishes the metabolism properly. This is because the body has to spend a lot of energy to digest protein. Not to mention metabolism: Studies have confirmed that breakfasters eat less calories throughout the day.


  1. Eat on time

Unfortunately, the experts are still divided on when that is. Some believe that you should eat five or more small meals every day, so that the blood sugar level remains largely constant and no cravings arise. Other experts say the blood sugar must sink regularly so that the body even attacks the energy of the fat deposits. The truth is probably in the middle. You should not let it get cravings on a regular basis or grind it constantly with the pines. Actually, it would be best to eat when hungry instead of clinging to rules.


  1. Take a coffee break more often

“Caffeine boosts the metabolism,” explains expert Susanne Klaus. “Endless, you cannot increase the effect, however, since it comes to a habituation.”


  1. Never make diets

Because they just do not work! One of the reasons for this is that the body views the calorie restriction as a famine and slows down the metabolism to save energy. He then runs for months on the backburner, even if the diet is long gone. You become listless, weak, bad tempered. At the same time, mechanisms are starting to increase appetite. If you really want to lose fat, you need to keep your body safe by always eating enough. Change your diet so that the energy balance still remains 500 to a maximum of 800 calories a day. Their biggest allies are fruits and vegetables as well as sports – which brings us to the next point.


  1. Fix weights!

Although endurance training is initially more effective in reducing bacon reserves, at the latest when a start has been made you should also grab dumbbells. Not only do muscles give your appearance a handsome shape, they also have the advantage of consuming energy even when at rest. You can not say that about fatty tissue. Your basal metabolic rate increases, you can eat more without increasing. So, nothing like the weights!


  1. Do not forget about endurance training

When it comes to reducing fat, you should first do endurance, then strength training. Reason: The strength training releases relatively high lactate levels, which slow down the utilization of free fatty acids. The share of energy supply shifts to the detriment of fat burning, the body burns more carbohydrates – even with a directly following endurance unit.


  1. Use the afterburning effect

Each strength and endurance training has a lasting effect on your energy balance: For up to 48 hours, the metabolism consumes additional energy after a workout. This afterburning effect is more important than it sounds, because the actual fat loss from your hip pads happens mainly in this time after training, less in the workout itself. The longer and more intense the training session, the greater the afterburning effect – and the more effective the fat loss.


  1. Focus on the big muscle groups

If you want to use the afterburning effect even more effectively, you should demand as much muscle mass as possible during strength training. For example, the thighs and the back are well suited for this purpose. Reason: The more muscle mass you use during training, the longer your metabolism will keep its higher level.


  1. Train diversely

Extra energy is burnt when you keep your body busy with additional cardio units (treadmill, ergometer, rowing machine) during strength training in the intervals between two exercises. With the mixture of aerobic and anaerobic training you challenge your body additionally. You burn more energy, and that’s the secret of losing weight: consuming more energy than feeding it to your body.

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Green Smoothies – healthy start to the day: the benefits, the story and a recipe

Many of you have probably heard of green smoothies. They should be healthy and tasty and help to give more vitality. Let’s go back to those claims and find out what’s actually behind them green superfood reviews.

Green smoothies usually consist of one third fruit, one third green leafy vegetables and one third water. They are full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and everything that is important for a good start to the day. Eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day was almost impossible for me in the past. Thanks to the green smoothies this works better.

Who comes up with the idea to puree green leafy vegetables and fruits in a blender? The genesis

Victoria Boutenko is probably the inventor of the green smoothies. Her family and herself suffered from many diseases ranging from diabetes in adolescence to arrhythmia, hyperthyroidism to asthma and joint inflammation. After being treated with drugs by the doctors, she took her fate into her own hands and switched to raw food for herself and her family. The interesting thing was that after some time the disease symptoms were less and the family was much better.

After seven years of raw food, however, Victoria realized that something was missing, namely the green leafy vegetables. The reason was: the family members just did not like it. By accident she found out that chimpanzees wrap fruits in green leafy vegetables and then consume them. So she came up with the idea of ​​green smoothies and started trying different recipes to make sure her family got the vitamins, minerals and trace elements from green leafy vegetables.

This knowledge has been summarized and shared in some books. An important step, because natural raw foods help many people live healthier lives and increase their vitality.

What belongs in a green smoothie?

There are thousands of recipes for green smoothies. In fact, any green leafy vegetables can be used, such as lamb’s lettuce, other green salads, spinach, chard leaves, kale, and anything else you can find seasonally and would also eat as a salad. With wild herbs or leaves, you should be careful and know them well before they go into the blender.

Benefits of drinking green smoothies daily

  • The highest Vital concentration : High bioavailability of the nutrients through tear the cellulose walls of plant cells.
  • Secondary plant compounds: These are especially present in green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, herbs, wild vegetables etc. They are said to have antibacterial and antiviral effects.
  • Fiber : Green leafy vegetables are high in fiber. They help to cleanse the intestine and at the same time remove toxins from the body. As a result, blood sugar levels, diabetes risk and cholesterol levels can be lowered.
  • Chlorophyll – The Blood of Plants – Sunlight Transformed into Energy: Chlorophyll leaf green is structurally similar to the red blood pigment of our body. Chlorophyll is strongly basic and can be anti-inflammatory. The detoxification of our body is also supported.

Why do we eat so little green vegetables when the benefits are obvious? Often, many people just do not like it. But with some fruit and water to make a green smoothie, it’s easy to get the right amount every day.

Pay attention to organic quality

By using a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in a smoothie, it should have organic quality if possible. If you are not using organic vegetables, be sure to wash the vegetables under running water very well. In my opinion, it is also important for organic products to know where they came from. So I can recommend subscribing to an organic vegetable box from an organic farmer. The nice thing is that every week you get a new selection delivered home and try vegetables that you might never have bought otherwise.

Which mixer is suitable?

There is a great deal on the market, but which blender is suitable for making green smoothies? Conventional household mixers usually do not have sufficient power, which is needed to shred the leaf green properly and split the cell walls.

A good blender costs between 250-750 €. Make sure it has a high RPM and a powerful engine. 2 hp are ideal. The rotation per minute should be 38,000 revolutions. Such a purchase is worthwhile in any case, because this mixer can also be used very well for the production of soups.

Recipe of SpaCamp 2014 Smoothies

We tried this recipe together during a session at SpaCamp 2014 on the Baltic Sea:


  • 4 ripe kiwis – strengthen the immune system
  • 200 gr. Green grapes (seedless) – purifying and cleansing
  • 100 gr. Baby Spinach (1 gr. Hand full) – official cancer protection vegetables in the USA
  • 40 gr. Corn salad (1 small hand full) – high quality iron
  • 40 ml aloe vera leaf fillet gel – has 160 important ingredients
  • 1 shot of agave thick juice
  • 350 ml of water

Mix all ingredients for 90 seconds in the high-performance blender.

Often, green smoothies are the gateway to a new way of life. Through the detoxification of the body a change takes place. The body no longer craves unhealthy but prefers healthy, natural foods. Another advantage is that green smoothies often represent the entry into healthy raw food and the shyness is lost.

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5 reasons why 2018 will be the best year for cryptocurrencies

  1. The work on scaling problems

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most important cryptocurrency. Most government-sponsored money going in and out of the crypt world is handled by Bitcoin. So what happens with this cryptocurrency affects the entire market investing in cryptocurrency.

BTC is still dominant. It has the largest user base and the largest industry reach. Nevertheless, it faces a difficult challenge: scalability.

Bitcoin currently can not perform more than six or seven (with the “Segregated Witness” protocol upgrade, there are 12 to 14) transactions per second. Compared to credit cards that can withstand thousands of transactions per second, the criticism of Bitcoin’s ability to be useful on a larger scale is understandable.

The scalability challenge also leads to high fees.

What could a solution look like? Blockstream’s Lightning Network enables transactions that reduce transaction costs to almost zero and increase speed and scalability almost indefinitely. Scalability and lack of liquidity. That could be a major reason why Bitcoin will swell this year.

Exciting projects like these could cause a significant increase in Bitcoin.


  1. Large-scale and more legitimate ICOs

Like last year, ICOs will influence the ethereum network. Generally, ICOs require a lot of ether. That will strengthen the demand for Ethereum. Legitimate ICOs will lead to greater interest in Ether, as we already see in the multi-billion dollar ICO of messaging app provider Telegram and Kodak. The price of the cryptocurrency could potentially double to $ 2,000.


  1. Regulation

Many believe that regulation is hurting the markets, but that’s a very shortsighted perspective. In the long run, companies need rules to ensure legal stability and security. Regulation gives users and institutional clients the confidence to invest.

When Japan started to regulate Bitcoin, the market initially fell, but eventually it rose again. The same thing happens with Australia. Other countries may follow the same set of rules and chances are high that the fate of the market will be similar to what happened in Japan and Australia.


  1. More ease of use

Some startups offer debit cards to help people spend their crypto currency stocks. This means that the number of users and dealers in 2018 will increase sharply.

This would improve the reputation of cryptocurrencies and more and more companies would trust them. The companies that perform well this year will stand out and establish themselves. Some companies will thrive and others will fail.


  1. Institutional investors enter the market

The final reason why 2018 will be the best year for cryptocurrencies is that it will be the first year that solid institutional money flows into the ecosystem.

It is estimated that $ 10 billion to $ 12 billion has gone into the crypto-ecosystem, but that’s nothing compared to what institutional funds could invest. 10 to 12 billion dollars have brought the market to about 500 billion dollars. And that’s peanuts for today’s funds.

Conclusion: 2018, the best year for cryptocurrencies?

In summary it can be stated that no guarantee can be given for the occurrence of all 5 factors. Combining these factors could increase the upside potential of the market to seven to eight times the current level. That could award the title “the best year for cryptocurrencies” in 2018. In addition, growth is no longer based so much on hype or hope, but on solid foundations.

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Detoxify: The 3-day cure with green smoothies

The detoxification with green smoothies goes over 3 days or longer if you wish. It is not a diet or fasting. Weight loss can happen, but starvation is not the goal of the cure. But a healthier body feeling, more lightness, fitness and activity. This cure can be done several times a year. But it is important to change the eating habits, so as not to accumulate an excess of toxins and slag again and again Amazing Grass.

3-day detox with smoothies: That’s how it works

Those who have not drunk a few smoothies should have a preparation time of three days in which a smoothie (about 0.5 liters) is drunk every day to get used to the stomach and intestines.

Discharge toxins: Accompanying the smoothies and recipes daily 2 x (morning and evening) TL Luvos or bentonite healing clay (you can stir in water, tea, juice or yogurt) take. Since the healing clay is not very tasty, I do not recommend stirring it in the smoothies. Clay binds toxins and helps flush them out. This avoids bloating and other gastrointestinal problems. In addition, chlorella or spirulina algae can promote the elimination of toxins.

Drink a lot! If possible, drink 2-3 liters of filtered water or spring water or tea in addition to the smoothies.

3-day smoothies and what else?

In the course of the cure you can eat as much water, tea and green smoothies as you like. A certain process is beneficial:

  1. Early in the morning a glass of (warm) water with lemon juice and grated ginger.
  2. Instead of coffee, you can drink green tea or other herbal teas as much as you like.Japanese Macha is a green tea powder that can be mixed with hot or cold water. You can also treat it with almond paste, rice milk or water and honey to a delicious shake. But be careful: green tea lingers for a long time, so do not drink in the afternoon and evening.
  3. Only a little later (about 20 minutes) drink the first smoothie. Basically, a green smoothie is a mix of green leafy vegetables and / or wild herbs, sprouts and fruits. These are processed with filtered water in a blender to a creamy juice and drunk.

What comes in a green smoothie?

  • Green vegetables: green salad, corn salad, spina, chard, cabbage, savoy cabbage, kale
  • Wild herbs: dandelion, ribwort, sorrel, stinging nettle, greedy, mugwort, yarrow, etc.
  • Vegetables: carrots, zucchini, celery stalks, cucumbers etc.
  • Fruit: banana, avocado, orange, grapes, berries, apricots, peaches, melons, lemon, grapefruit etc.

You can add it to your taste: ground flax seeds, sprouts and seedlings, vanilla, honey, ginger, nuts, almonds, sesame, nutmeg, sesame paste, parsley, basil, arugula, goji berries, aronia berries etc.

It is advisable to use vegetables and seasonal fruits and otherwise to vary in taste. It takes about 50-60% leafy vegetables and wild herbs and 40-50% fruit.

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Green smoothies

The Green Smoothie contains by its ingredients everything that the body needs for a good balance. It is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants. Even the fruits supply the body with vitamins and minerals, plus countless fiber Shakeology.

Furthermore, chlorophyll also finds its place in the smoothies – all of these ingredients act against toxins in the body. It also cleanses the intestines and reduces inflammation. Furthermore, the smoothies help in weight loss and diet change and have a preventative effect against diseases. So it goes with the green smoothiesless about the taste, but about the high nutritional value, which in turn can contribute to a healthy diet and makes people eat more leafy green. Thus, to balance their acid – base balance and to promote the energy production of the body.

But to get a green smoothie, it requires a certain preparation.

The preparation should be done with a high-performance mixer, as this break the tough fibers of the leafy vegetables and thus release the vital nutrients.

You should make sure that basically only three ingredients in the blender come – Green leaves, fruits and water. This rule provides the basis for the green smoothies. Whether you then refine the smoothie with powder or sweetener is up to you, even the amount of ingredients is left to each self, you should just do not come across 5 – 10 ingredients.

In addition, attention should be paid to the stratification of the ingredients; it always follows the same principle: Fruit – green leafy vegetables – liquid

to the green smoothieNow to incorporate into the nutrition plan, there are various options. On the one hand, there are people who regard the smoothies primarily as a nutritional supplement, in order to absorb more nutrients. Others replace meals to absorb nutrients while reducing calorie intake and then lose weight as a result. There are different options and in the end everyone has to decide for themselves if and how he likes the Green Smoothieswould like to enjoy, because there are enough possibilities. However, you should still pay attention to a few little things, on the one hand, that you only need to replace up to two portions of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. It should be paid attention to a portion size of 200 – 250 milliliters, in addition it comes that the smoothie may consist at most of half of pressed juice or water and at least half of fruit or vegetables.

Green smoothies | what exactly do the individual components cause?

Thefruitin the smoothies, is responsible for the consistency and sweetness, it ensures a bond between the individual ingredients and softens the taste of leafy vegetables.

The main component and the reason for the green color – thegreen leafy vegetables- is the central element, because here the nutrient density is particularly high and the characteristics of the chlorophyll are particularly used here. Another important ingredient is the addition ofwater, as this is the only way to achieve a good consistency and a good mix.

Green smoothies | what do I have to pay attention to when making and drinking?

It should be on the one hand on the ingredients as well as on the proper production to be respected, since these are crucial for a good smoothie.

Ingredients, such as certain essential oils from parsley, a feeding protection alkaloid from borage or oxalic acid from spinach and chard, can be harmful in larger quantities. For example, oxalic acid can inhibit the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium in the intestine. In addition, care should be taken not to replace too many meals with smoothies; these can lead to an accelerated digestion.

Here, the correct handling of the ingredients is important; it can easily be committed mistakes. It is important to pay attention to the combinations, combine on the one hand starchy vegetables with, for example, citrus fruits, the Verdaaungszeit is increased and increases the chance of flatulence and digestive problems. In addition, care should be taken not to use too many ingredients, so if several varieties of salad and fruit mixed with powder, oils, herbs and spices and thus between 5 and 10 ingredients n used, the smoothie turns into a heavy meal and will stodgy.

Sweetening also plays an important role, with cane sugar, table sugar and agave syrup being discouraged; instead honey, stevia, dates or more fruits should be used. Last but not least, attention should be paid to the drinking behavior, the smoothie is a wholesome meal and should therefore be swallowed by sip, so that the digestive organs can adjust to the food properly and are not “overwhelmed”.

Green smoothies | How can I combine the barley grass with this?

Of course, barley grass also fits in a green smoothie – and not just by its color – it also provides energy to maintain the nutrient content of the body and to increase the balance of the body. However, you should not only resort to barley grass, only to achieve the green color, but always add the leafy vegetables. Nevertheless, the barley grass is a good supplement to absorb more nutrients and supplement the diet.

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10 reasons to start drinking green smoothies today

  1. Green smoothies are particularly nutritious. For Vegetable smoothiestarters, I recommend mixing 60% ripe Athletic Greens, organically grown fruit with 40% organically grown leafy vegetables. Gradually, you can then increase the green content to 60% and reduce the fruit content to 40%.


  1. Green smoothies are easy to digest. With a good high-performance mixer, you can break up the cell walls in the vegetables and fruits and the body can thus absorb the valuable ingredients very easily. The digestion of the smoothies begins in the mouth, so you salivate the smoothie and drink it slowly.


  1. Green smoothies, unlike juices, contain all the fruit or vegetables. So they also contain the fibers and are a wholesome food. The consumption of fibers is important for digestion via the gastrointestinal tract.


  1. Green smoothies are just unbelievably delicious. Green smoothies are very tasty with the addition of fruit and are ideal for young and older people. The green leafy vegetables usually do not taste good and many people are surprised how easy it is to do so much for their health.


  1. Green smoothies are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives the plants their green color and are very similar to human blood molecules. Chlorophyll is said to have a very beneficial effect, comparable to a beneficial blood transfusion. Most people do not eat green food nearly enough, even if you only eat raw food. With three or four cups of green smoothie a day, you will provide your body with enough nutrients to stay healthy and fit. By mixing all building materials are well developed and optimally absorbed by the body.


  1. Green smoothies are so easy to make. You can prepare green smoothies in just a few minutes, including washing dishes. In comparison, juicing is time-consuming, expensive and more stressful. Unfortunately, many people often stop drinking juice very quickly for these reasons. Green smoothies are therefore the perfect alternative for everyday life.


  1. Green smoothies are popular with children of all ages, including babies from 6 months old. Take care of small children and increase the amount of the smoothie only gradually. The body of a child / baby needs time to get used to the high nutrient supply.


  1. Green smoothies do not need oil or salt. By regularly drinking green smoothies, you reduce their consumption of salts and oils that are not good for humans in excess.


  1. Regularly drinking green smoothies is the best and easiest way to get plenty of valuable green leaves. After a short while you will feel regular green smoothie drinking that your desire for more green food increases. More green food is the key to better health and the green smoothies make it easy for you. Especially children, who often eat too little green food, benefit from it.


  1. Green smoothies are refrigerated for up to 3 days. Drink the green smoothies as fresh as possible. But if you cannot help it, take the smoothies with you to work or on the road.
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When you come out of the Red Room, your body has given it all. Right now he is in the metabolism peak and especially receptive Green Superfood Powder. From now until 60 minutes after your workout: Add in energy and nutrients that match your training goal. You want to build muscle? We have the Muscle & Hustle line ready for you. You want to lose weight? Choose one of our “Lean & Clean” shakes! Here are 10 benefits of our protein shakes that make your training complete:



After a HIIT session, the stressed muscles have to regenerate. Protein supports this regeneration phase. For athletes, a daily dose of  1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is recommended. In combination with carbohydrates – for example from fresh fruits – the proteins can be absorbed faster. It works even better in liquid form: a protein shake provides your body with ease and in short time nutrients. That’s because muscles need to be supplied with blood, which provides them with nutrients. When your body is busy digesting solid foods, only little nutrient-rich blood will be left over to your muscles.



If you want to build muscle mass, a protein shake after training is essential! Protein contains many building blocks and amino acids that the body can absorb immediately after ingestion. Amino acids are the smallest form of proteins that we sometimes produce ourselves. However, this amount is not enough if we train intensively. The additional intake of amino acids helps your body, above all, to regenerate faster and favors the extent of muscle building.



You want to lose weight? Then you should definitely drink a protein shake after training! If you do without it, you miss your goal. Because: As an energy supply serve the body as the very first carbohydrate, then protein and finally fat. If the body lacks appropriate resources after training, it resorts to its own muscle mass to meet its energy needs. But: Especially the muscle mass is important to keep the basal metabolic rate of energy! Or even increase it and so without losing the dreaded yo-yo effect. Women often fear that they become too muscular through protein powder. But this is unfounded: they  can build up by their significantly lower testosterone levels no muscle mountains.



Proteins have the highest saturation effect among all nutrients. As a result, fewer calories are absorbed and the weight is reduced in the long term. Certain ingredients, such as oatmeal and cinnamon, help regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent food cravings. Fiber from oatmeal, chia seeds, fiber-rich fruit and leafy greens also fill you up for a long time, so that cravings do not even arise.



A protein shake also helps you to build muscle, while recording and brightens your mood on top! Our protein shakes are full of tryptophan with bananas, dates, cocoa and pineapple! This is an amino acid that helps the body to form the happiness hormone serotonin. Combined with the happiness hormones that your body releases after a HIIT session, this is a true endorphin shower!



We are often asked if a shake replaces a meal. That depends: Since we not only use water and protein powder, but pay attention to a balanced mix of nutrients, our protein shakes can also replace a meal – if you want to lose weight. Otherwise, you should eat something about an hour after your shake. Whether that’s just a handful of nuts or a full dish depends on your personal goal.

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Increase testosterone effectively with these 5 incredible tips

If you feel little sexual desire, you have erection problems, you feel less motivated, and you find trouble concentrating, you may be having low testosterone. In this note we help you to raise the levels and to feel satisfied with yourself testosterone boosters.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for playing an important role in the sexuality and reproduction of man. That is why when low testosterone can get to feel symptoms such as lack of sexual desire, erection problems, lower sperm count, depression and even a significant weight gain, while your muscle mass decreases and your hair falls.

To know if you have low testosterone the best thing you can do is to have a doctor to perform the relevant blood tests and follow up correctly, since testosterone levels often fluctuate throughout the day. Even so, and when in doubt, you can begin to follow our advice to give your hormones a little push before going to the doctor.

Here we will show you how to increase testosterone naturally without synthetic medication, since in that case it is the doctor who is in charge of saying what to take and what not to take. Still, to start a treatment, it is best to keep these recommendations as they act directly on the production of the hormone, and will be useful to reinforce in the case of taking medication.



The first advice to increase testosterone is to have a good rest, that is: sleep between 6 and 8 hours. Go to bed early at night and wake up no later than 8 am, where testosterone levels are at their highest point.

Studies have confirmed the relationship between high and low testosterone levels and better or worse sleep quality. The greater the amount of testosterone, the better the quality of rest, and the smaller amount you may even suffer from insomnia. But here is when it becomes a kind of vicious circle, because the greater the amount of sleep, the greater the production of testosterone, then sleep is what you need.



Although the lower the amount of testosterone the more you gain weight, do not let that become an excuse for not trying to make a healthy diet and choose the best foods.

Eat properly, eat healthy food and increase your intake of healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 . For example: eat more tuna, avocado, peanut butter, vegetable oils, etc.

Finally, we recommend you find out about pills or supplements of Garcinia Cambogia, an Asian fruit with excellent properties to help you lose weight. Its hydroxycitric acid compound works on your body eliminating fat and preventing its possible absorption.

Today there is a huge amount of studies related to the use of Garcinia Cambogia supplements for weight loss, among other important achievements such as physical improvement, as you can see in this specialized study [Pure Cambogia Ultra: something natural to increase your beauty].

Today, specialists around the world are recommending Pure Cambogia Ultra, the most famous fat burning pill on the market, containing 60% of Garcinia Cambogia pure in its confection, unlike similar ones that have 50% or less.

If you want to know where to get Pure Cambogia Ultra click here .



According to studies, the consumption of sugar decreases testosterone levels, and that is why the use of other more natural products such as honey or stevia is recommended.

This may happen due to the action that sugar generates in our body, triggering insulin levels and generating resistance (which later becomes diabetes), and it is these high insulin values ​​that end up lowering testosterone levels.

Reduce your consumption or look for alternatives, but keep in mind that the more sugar you eat the worse you will go with the treatment (even if you are already taking medications related to this lack of hormone).



It is proven that exercises increase testosterone levels. Arm yourself with a routine, whichever you prefer, and be constant. You can do strength training such as doing weights or a high intensity exercise.

If you do not want to go to a gym, you have the freedom to build yourself a good exercise plan. We recommend this plan, which has been designed for people who for one reason or another should or prefer to do exercises from their own home [No more excuses: the best 5 exercises to lose weight without leaving your home!].

Try to do the exercises in no less than 3-4 series, and try to make them fast, so that they maintain a cardio rhythm. The same studies that talk about the importance of exercising caution that slow or long-term exercises have no effect on the hormone.

Finally, we also recommend the use of Garcinia Cambogia supplements to help speed up your body’s metabolism, burn fat and prevent insulin from being altered, taking advantage of the fact that this fruit contains properties that can help keep your body in order.

To buy Pure Cambogia Ultra pills and improve your health, click here !


  1. RELAX

The last recommendation we have for you (perhaps the least simple but the most necessary) is that you reduce the tension, since when you release the stress hormone (cortisol), you block the effects of testosterone and its production. This may be related to the fact that, when we are nervous, sexual stimuli disappear generating even more problems (and nerves).

We know it’s not easy, but try it. Look for alternative methods such as yoga or meditation. This point is really important to reach success.

With these tips we are more than certain that you can increase testosterone, although we remind you that, while you practice them, you should contact your doctor to perform the corresponding exams. And calm, that everything has a solution. Do you see that it is not as difficult as you thought?

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Learn how to prepare a homemade protein shake to increase muscle mass

A good homemade protein shake can help increase muscle mass, because it is rich in protein and is a great strong energy, facilitating muscle recovery and muscle hypertrophy top 10 protein shakes.

In addition to this, a homemade supplement to gain muscle mass such as a glass of fortified banana shake, helps develop strong muscles faster, without harming health.

However, this recipe is only indicated for those individuals who practice physical activity such as running, football or muscle exercises on a daily basis, because it is rich in calories, and therefore who does not have a high caloric expenditure during physical activity can gain weight, instead of defining the muscles.

Protein shake recipe to gain muscle mass

To prepare this homemade protein shake and gain muscle mass uses only natural ingredients, and is excellent to enhance the development of the muscles of those who practice regular exercises, for being rich in energy and protein, favoring the gain of muscle mass.

  • Ingredients
  • Linseed
  • Beer yeast
  • Wheat germ
  • Sesame
  • Oat flakes
  • Peanut
  • Guarana powder

Preparation mode

Place 2 tablespoons each of the ingredients in a container and keep it tightly closed.

To prepare the homemade protein shake is enough to beat in the blender 3 tablespoons of this mixture with 1 banana and 1 glass of full milk. You should take the shake right after your preparation, after completing the exercises.

It is advisable to keep the supplement in a properly closed container, in a dry and dark environment.

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