• A Security Think Tank.

    ACESSS is strategically placing itself as a lead research organisation on regional and continental security issues. It's focusing on the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region on issues of  regional instability and conflicts,Counter  Terrorism, Religious Intolerance , Countering Extreemism and Radicalisation.

    The centre engages on Transnational crime debate and diologues.

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  • Security Sector Reforms

    We undertake Security Sector Reform Programs and capacity building. We work very closely with regional government and training institutions.

    We build and enhance capacities for both State and Non-State Actors.


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  • Current Activities

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Public Safety and Security Partnership Initiative:

  • Programme Management - Coastal Beach Security Management Programme along the Kenyan Coast
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ACESSS is affiliated to the East African Community Civil Society Forum (EACSOF), the Centre for Citizens Participation in the AU (CCPU), Partnership for Peace, Security and Conflict Resolutions (PAPESEDE) The Centre for Conflict Transformation in Bern, and Switzerland.

We are in the process of finalizing a partnership with the National Task Force on Community Policing commonly known as Nyumba Kumi Initiative.

Through the Director-General, ACESSS is a member of ISSAT in Switzerland and the International Security Group-US



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The Coast Region Crime and Violence Observatory Programme

This is an ongoing programme that entails research, data collection, documentation and statistics on crime and violence in the region. It is a partnership between national government organs, county governments organs, research institutions, institutions of higher learning, medical institutions, civil society organisations (CSOs) and the private sector. The programme runs for 2 years starting February 2014 to February 2016. 

Governance for National Security Project

ACESSS has recently launched the Governance for National Security project in Kenya. The project engages national government officials, county government officials and security sector actors at the county level in deliberations on pertinent issues regarding devolution and national security, and coordination mechanisms between security sector actors at the two tiers of government. This engagement is undertaken through a series of participatory capacity building seminars. The overall aim of this project is to contribute to the enhancement of the capacity of security sector actors at the county level to deliver quality services and improve national security through collaboration and cooperation. Emerging issues and lessons learned will augment our annual security journal.



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